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Thrill Rides / Major Rides

We assert: there is no limit! Inventing new thrill- & major rides is the most pleasurable and challenging process marc is engaged in! So, let`s get started..!


This brand new thrill-ride offers a multi-dimensional riding experience and may be adapted to the desired clientel thanks to various programming options.
Four arms with 1 gondola and 4 seats at each end are connected in the middle by a horizontal crossbeam that rotates around the vertical axis of the center tower.
For easy and space saving embarking, the arms are folded in the loading position. The ride is gently rotating while raising to the top position. At the top position the arms will extend to their full lenght while the gondolas are rotating. To complete the multidimensional riding experience, the arms start rotating araund the horizontal axle. Sounds and looks crazy, but is pure fun with a smooth ride. 

Oracle Oracle Oracle
Eagle-Force 2.0

Brandnew and breathtaking! Eagle-Force 2.0 is equipped with a modified seat configuration and offers stunning looping-experiences combined with an attractive capacity. 

Eagle-Force 2.0 Eagle-Force 2.0 Eagle-Force 2.0

As soon as the lifting arm swings upwards, an exciting and varied flight begins around the rotating center of the Pulsar. Constant changes in pace and direction guarantee action-packed fun for 32 thrillseekers. 

Pulsar Pulsar Pulsar
Blizzard III

Blizzard is a new Thrill-Ride with a multi-dimensonal and varied riding experience.

Blizzard III Blizzard III Blizzard III

Compact & attractive..!

Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic

It's Showtime! The Showdown is a fascinating new ride. Due to the superimposition of 3 or 4 rotational movements the Showdown offers a completely new ride experience.

Showdown Showdown Showdown

The very first rotation swing boat concept !

Insane Insane Insane
Skyguard Extreme

His name is program! The skyguard with selectable thrill factor.

Skyguard Extreme Skyguard Extreme Skyguard Extreme

Nothing for weak nerves! The new Skyguard Tower!

Skyguard Skyguard Skyguard

Stagediver is not for the faint-hearted! Once the gondola is swiveled up, the ride takes a breathtaking turn!

Stagediver Stagediver

The ultimate swing carousel! Compact, economical and modular, that is the concept of the "Energize", which offers countless new effects!

Energize Energize Energize