Roller Coaster

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Roller Coaster

Roller Coasters are the people magnets in every amusement park and on fairgrounds all over the world. Within the last decades coaster constructions went through an incredible process of development. Hyper-, launch or inverted coasters –just to name a few of them- developed from their wooden predecessors.

The variety of train concepts with additional movement options is remarkable – although not yet exhaustet. Let's think about it together. Take advantage of our creativeness!

Skybow - Mini-Coaster

"Skybow" is the name of our new unique, compact & versatile family coaster. Experience four different tracks in one single attraction. The ideal supplement ride for small and mid-sized amusement parks.

Skybow - Mini-Coaster Skybow - Mini-Coaster Skybow - Mini-Coaster
Race'Air - Thrill Coaster

The new way to ride a roller coaster! The slewing gear in the back of the two-seater gondola offers unique ride maneuvers. Paired with the integrated rotary block module the 4 passengers can be allocated to different track sections.

Race'Air - Thrill Coaster Race'Air - Thrill Coaster Race'Air - Thrill Coaster